I’m pretty sure my friends Christina and Jeff, along with my husband, would disagree with that statement. On Saturday we went to Panic Point in Youngsville,NC.  It’s supposedly the best haunted attraction in the Raleigh area according to their website.

The last time I was at your typical haunted house was probably 13 years ago, maybe 14. Yikes! Both Christina and Paul were with me then too. The line was forever long and it took all night to get in. Remembering this, we got to Panic Point like 30 minutes early…I think we were the second car! Woo hoo! (Side note, there was this BMW limo van dropping off like 15 kids with 2 parent chaperones. I hope to be that cool parent someday!)

We were basically in an open field surrounded by woods and it had a very campy feel to it. Totally a “We just threw this together to lure you in so you can never get out” feel. Super fun for someone who is afraid of her own shadow. We got our tickets for the Haunted Forest…$15 to be tortured is not a bad price! We didn’t want to be the first group to go through so we hung out by the bon fire and watched some of the other guests participate in other fun,scary stuff.

Leap of Death- You climb up a pole (like a telephone pole) and then jump off. I would have so owned that had I not wore my new boots.

Zombie Shoot Out- You shoot “Zombies” with a paint ball gun. Looking back, I really should have done this…it would have been really fun but I’m scared of Zombies.

Ghost Bus- Hop a board a school bus of scary? No thanks. That just seems a little too close and personal for me.

Menacing Maze- I thought Paul said this was the Medicine Maze, thought it was odd and later realized it was the Menacing Maze. Have you seen Children of the Corn? I was not about to put myself in a position to run into Malachi.

Dark Walk- Walking in the forest in complete darkness…I’ll pass.

We finally decided that is was dark enough to go through the Haunted Forest, also I really didn’t want to take anymore chances hanging around the guy with the chainsaw. No pics were allowed to be taken, no running (really?) and no touching the workers. The path through the forest was lit by solar lights and there was a couple in front of us with 2 children around the age of 10 ( too young for this I’m sure). I was sure it wouldn’t be too scary, especially since we had people in front of us that were getting scared first. I was wrong.

On the webpage, there is a quote …

Joe, hold on, I think I just peed my pants……Yeah, yeah I did.

– Unknown female


I’m pretty sure that was me, only I actually said Paul. Give me a break, I have 4 kids!

Once we were done with the Haunted Forest, we got tickets for the Howling Hayride and had a more relaxing, yet still spooky, trip through the woods. Paul was watching the WVU game on his phone on the hayride and I think that was the scariest thing he witnessed all night.

We had a great time and I would do it again in a heartbeat, although I did make Paul leave the bathroom light on that night.